Welcome to the new Nifty experience

Key points at a glance

  • We've been helping startups and SMEs access government grants for more than three years
  • New Nifty site launched in August
  • The objective of the site is to make the R&D Tax Incentive and Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) claim process as seamless as possible

What we've been working towards

At Nifty Grants, we're here for startups and SMEs - we want to help you to continue to innovate and grow your business.

For over three years, we've been doing this through an online platform where the user leads the claim process. It makes for a more affordable and convenient solution, compared alternatives.

Built and backed by PwC means you're getting excellent quality - every claim submitted through Nifty is thoroughly reviewed by two PwC specialists to ensure compliance with government standards.

We believe in continually seeking ways to improve the way you claim government incentives - which lead us to an extensive R&D phase ourselves, resulting in what you'll now see on our new site!

What you can expect from the new Nifty site

A better experience

It will be easier for you to navigate through your claim and access the documents needed directly from Xero or Google Drive.

Improved transparency

Having heard that our customers want more updates on the progress of their claims, we'll be sending you improved and more regular notifications so you'll will always know which stage your claim is at.

Tailored support

We have created detailed examples specific to the most common Nifty customer industries to make answering questions a breeze.

A fresh new look and feel

Take a look at a fresh and clean new design and experience which first and foremost, makes most relevant information accessible, when you need it.

Visit the new site now!

Jump onto Nifty to take a look around. It's free to sign up, you'll only pay when you submit your claim.

If you have questions, feedback or suggestions, please get in touch - support@niftygrants.com.au